SAD, BetterHelp and Entertainment

I guess you’ve heard of Social Anxiety Disorder, SAD.

I am going to submit one of my conditions for consideration in the DSM VI: Social Anxiety Dependency.  It comes with a desperate chant-rant and/or occasionally nearly dissociative rumination flaring up in the subconscious, in dreams, and sometimes consciously while showering or washing dishes, revolving around: “God save me from people.  God save me from people.  God save me from people.”  And this, in an atheist.

This message is for entertainment purposes only.  For clinical information, or for help with emotional or mental difficulty, or just for a shoulder to cry on, login to, where 27,075 licensed therapists (their actual data at this moment) are waiting to hear you tell them about your sex life, which is obviously easier to discuss with a marginally existent entity on the phone, by email, by text messages or by video chat (actual offerings), but they probably prefer you do not get demonstrative about it.  That is, except for unlicensed self-proclaimed “naked therapy” practitioner, Sarah White, who welcomes demonstrative activity by men in her online therapy sessions, and probably depends primarily on it for income.  (As for me, I will only use a licensed clinical psychologist with a local physical address and a comfortable chair, no matter what we wear.)

You know BetterHelp has got to be good.  They are telling us so on NPR dozens of times a day.

Note: there are warnings out about the inadequate privacy and security measures on these cyber-therapy services.  (That was a given the first time I heard of one.)  You do not know who knows what about you.  You do not know how protected their “protected data” is from hacking or misuse, whether intentional or careless.  You do not know how much your shit is worth on the cyber-data market.  Even if you think you know, assume you don’t, because they are always coming up with new ways to assimilate you into the Borg.

By the way, to find out your voter registration party (in NY), all I need is your name, date of birth, and county (and access to the Internet).  So I changed mine back to what it always was before 2015: independent.

Imagine a cyber-savvy MAGAT (MAGA Trumpoid) checking on your affiliations in the Post-2024 Era, when it all comes tumbling down?  Until then, at least President Biden still has the veto, post-2022 elections.  That, and executive orders (reversible in 2025) will be all he has.  Inspirational speeches, not.

Again, this message is for entertainment purposes only.  Perhaps the only purpose for existence anymore.  Thank god for masturbation.

Related Reading:

Social Media, Data, and Your privacy, in the blog Bennington Banner, Brattleboro Reformer, Manchester Journal. Excerpt: “Most people are unaware of the extent to which their data is shared and accessed. For example, did you know that when you post a photo on Facebook, you’re giving the company the right to use that photo however they want? That includes selling it to third parties or using it in advertising.”

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