Fun Fiddling Gals

Music is not real except as a miracle. It is impossible. It can’t be done. But it happens anyway. The more I explore it, the more impossible it seems.

It’s like learning about oneself, in a sense. Like the beauty in any other kind of nature, beauty in music does what it does to us because of who we are, and yet it shapes us, too. In this case, it is uplifting, with the help of humor and unusual talents for making music in virtually acrobatic ways on violin, cello and piano, with a 3.5-minute, fast-moving medley of short classical and contemporary bits performed by the German group Salut Salon.

Enjoy this break from and into reality. Watch it in full screen for best effect.

(Link to YouTube video:

Explore more Salut Salon music in their YouTube channel.
And visit their website.

Salut Salon redefines the conventional chamber music concert

The Salut Salon quartet, Angelika Bachmann (violin), Iris Siegfried (violin), Olga Shkrygunova (piano) and Anna-Lena Perenthaler (cello), know better than any other chamber music ensemble how to seduce their audience with passionate virtuosity, instrumental acrobatics, charm and a great sense of fun. They combine whatever can possibly be combined with their beloved classical music: tango, chansons, folk and film soundtrack – with virtuosic solos, cabaret-style show with artistic sketches, all with effortless flair and disarming self-irony. Salut Salon perform far beyond what concert-goer would expect of a conventional chamber music concert, take aficionados of this genre by surprise and those who would otherwise never go to a classical concert, too.


How it all started

It was the early 80s and the two founders of Salut Salon, then eleven years-old, shared the baton in a local Hamburg schools orchestra. From the very first time that the two girls burst into fits of laughter, they knew: Aristotle was right when he said that there is such a thing as ‟one soul in two bodies” – more than sharing the same sense of humour – a deep friendship which never dies. In the case of Angelika Bachmann and Iris Siegfried, their friendship is still going strong after 35 years. Out of this friendship Salut Salon was born.

It was at a regular meeting of musicians, actors and artists who performed on the last Friday of every month in a kind of salon held in an apartment in the Hamburg neighbourhood of Eppendorf that Angelika Bachmann and Iris Siegfried played regularly in a piano quartet. At some point they were asked to perform in public. They choose the name“Salut Salon”, which, roughly translated, means something like “Hi, Living Room”. Salut Salon had their break-though in 2002 with sell-out concerts in their home city of Hamburg, Germany.

The headline in the German national newspaper Welt am Sonntag ran: “A Quartet is born.” Now with their quartet Angelika Bachmann and Iris Siegfried give more than 120 concerts a year. Salut Salon also appear in guest performances in cities all over Europe, in the USA, in Israel, China and South America. Salut Salon are at home all over the world. The quartet know more than practically any other chamber musical ensemble how to win their audiences the world over, not just with virtuosic mastery of their instrument, but also with their sense of fun, instrumental acrobatics, charm and humour.

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